Tim Hanna


Meet Tim Hanna

Tim Hanna has lived in Lumsden for the past seven years after moving from Queenstown. A well-known author, he first came to Southland while researching his best-selling book One Good Run about Southland legend Burt Munro. During their time in Lumsden, Tim and his wife Janel have renovated both an old farm house and the local hotel. The hotel, which had been closed for two years when they took it over, is now a thriving hub for the local community and a welcoming respite for travelers. 

Living in a small Southland town and starting a business has both challenges and rewards.  More than ever, the experience has convinced Tim that Southland’s small towns and communities offer unique and almost unlimited opportunities for healthy, sustainable growth and a happy, rewarding lifestyle for a vibrant mix of people.

Tim’s past career in Australia as a creative director in the advertising industry taught him many invaluable lessons in marketing, messaging and promotion which he believes will be key should he become the next mayor of Southland. More than this, however, his experience as a publican has shown him the vital importance of communicating clearly and finding common ground to promote goodwill. 

Southland faces many challenges, some that are global and some that are particular to Southland. Tim is convinced that many of the answers to these challenges can be found in the collective wisdom of the people who live here. Over the course of the mayoral campaign, he will share both his thoughts on these challenges as well as their solutions. He will also articulate his vision with regard to the opportunities he sees throughout the region and the potential for all Southlanders to share an even better future.

Finding common ground and achievable solutions to the challenges we all face, is the best way to future-proof our beautiful home! 

How can Tim help Southlanders?

All Southlanders deserve the best possible future.



How can you help Tim?

If you would like to help us get elected, please consider donating to the cause via GoFundMe