Let’s make Winton the capitol of Southland!

The best choice for Southland

By Tim Hanna

The present Southland District Council buildings are in need of replacement or expensive refurbishment. Given that they have already proven disastrously flood prone, something that can only get worse with rising sea levels, a move would seem to be in order.

The council has set aside $250,000 to investigate the options and 11 million to refurbish the old buildings should that be the choice. To date it seems a move within Invercargill is the only consideration, but I believe this is an ideal opportunity to relocate the SDC to a place within its own district. The only real choices would seem to be Wallacetown, Riverton and Winton, but I think that the proximity of the first two choices to Invercargill makes them less than ideal.

On the other hand Winton is centrally located while still being only half an hour from Invercargill. It offers all the facilities and amenities of a well-established town with plenty of room to accommodate the council in a building with ample parking and so on. The move would also be a great boost for a Southland town that has much to offer.

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